Don’t bother learning this because you’re too old. You can’t do that because you’re not talented enough. Have you ever been told that by others or by a voice in your own head? Is there something you always wanted to learn but never believed you could?

Many people are bogged down by the routine of work and sleep. Can you imagine breaking free from your routine? At the heart of what we do is a simple idea: we offer you the chance to learn a new skill you never thought possible, and nurture a hidden passion you didn’t know you craved.

Founded by serial entrepreneur Georges Sokol (aka Maverick), the Maverik Group is a not-just-for-profit organisation that owns and runs unique businesses in the social leisure sector.

We believe that life is only truly enriched by pursuing your passions to the full. We have devised exceptional concepts and methodologies to learning new disciplines. We can guide you on your journey to discovering a better you. Learn what you can’t…


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